Book your own appointments

Digital dentistry begins with allowing patients to book their own appointments from the convenience of their phone or computer. Through integration with LocalMed (Link to booking page), patients can now book their own appointments online directly. Availability on multiple platforms

Modern communication once meant choosing between using your dial-up internet or using your landline phone at home. In 2019 modern communication means emailing, texting and social media messaging, even with your dentist. While of course, we are always available on the phone, if you prefer another way of communicating, send us a picture, tweet or message on Facebook.

Digital Paperwork

Digital forms, paperwork, and payments. Forget arriving early in the office for 20 minutes to write out 8 pages of forms. Instead, digital forms can be filled out quickly and securely online to save you time and help prevent hundreds of thousands of pages of paper waste in our office. If you still prefer to do it in person, no problem. You can fill out the medical forms on an iPad in office which is still quick, effective and doesn’t provide waste.

Take your smile for a test-drive

Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? So why don’t you demand that our dentists show you the results digitally before you start when completing esthetic work? You deserve more and should demand it. Integration of this digital planning for cases allows us to truly show patients what their smiles will look like.