Being a teenager is awkward enough without trapped food in brackets and cavities that can result from braces.

Invisalign Teen is a revolutionary tooth straightening system for our teen patients that allows them to correct alignment and bite issues without the trauma caused by sharp wires and uncomfortable metal brackets. With Invisalign, teens enjoy faster results to straight teeth. This is because, with braces, the teeth are all strapped together like in a tug of war. With aligners, none of the teeth are attached, so they can move in any direction, separate from the other teeth in the mouth.

Freedom and Efficiency

This freedom for the teeth to move means that the average Invisalign case on teenagers can be completed in just 18 months instead of 22 months with braces. And, because you can see the teeth throughout treatment, this means that teens get the confidence of enjoying their smile improvements every day, instead of waiting until the end of treatment to see the changes. With over one million teen patients treated with Invisalign already, Invisalign isn’t the future. It’s the now.

Digital Dentistry

After an initial consultation with Dr. Schalk, a digital scan will be taken. This compilation of over 2000 images forms a 3D model which is used to create multiple sets of custom Invisalign aligners. Just like the days of Engineers and Architects using rulers and sliders to sketch out building designs are dead, the same is true for dentistry. We no longer take goopy impressions of the teeth and plan out cases with stone models. We plan all the movements digitally to ensure that the teeth move in the most efficient ways possible. Pilots test fly airplanes in simulators 100 times before they every fly in the air and we do the same when moving your teeth. Every movement is planned, calculated and simulated before we ever start treatment.

It’s your life – Keep it that Way!

Unlike traditional braces, which are cemented to the patient’s teeth, Invisalign Teen is completely removable, which means your teen will not need to give up any of the foods they love for the duration of their treatment.

Focus on What’s Important

Whether your teen wants to participate in sports or even play a musical instrument for the school’s band, you can rest assured that their Invisalign aligners will not interfere. Your child will be able to focus on their activities instead of their treatment.

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Why Invisalign Teen?


Virtually invisible

Smooth and Comfortable

Removable & Easy to Clean

Eat whatever you want!

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