Dental Implants – A Long Term Solution

Do you need quality and affordable dental implants in Grande Prairie and the surrounding areas? Losing teeth is the last thing you would want. The problem is that some situations that cause tooth loss are not in your ability to control. Besides gum disease, you can also lose your tooth due to cavities, physical injury, or trauma. Other diseases and risk factors like diabetes, smoking, poor nutrition, arthritis, and hypertension can also cause tooth loss.

Missing or broken teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile, and it can also affect some of the people you will interact with in your life. If not taken care of, a broken or missing tooth can cause bad breath, gingivitis, and a plethora of other issues. Besides being a cosmetic issue, teeth loss can also affect the function of your mouth. It is vital to address the issue quickly to avoid permanent damage, periodontal disease, gum recession, and bone loss.

You do not have to converse or smile weirdly or feel self-conscious about your smile when all you need do is to contact a leading dental implant specialist in Grande Prairie such as Dr. Gregory Broyde of West Grande Prairie Dental.

You can smile and eat your favorite food again when you take advantage of our dental implant services in Grande Prairie.

Made from titanium posts and fused with to the bone, dental implants replicate the roots of the teeth. They are placed surgically into the bone to ensure they stop at the height of your gum line.

You should allow the site healing for three months for the lower jaw and four months for the upper jaw. It is advisable to let the site heal for six months if bone grafting was performed.

After healing, we will proceed to the next part of the implant, which is the crown. The crown can either be cemented or screwed.

Dental implants should be your go-to option if you want to replace a missing tooth. It would be best to opt for dental implants to support your dentures and other dental appliances. All you need to do is to care for our properly placed implants to enjoy lifetime service.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants refer to the most advanced solution for replacing a missing tooth. The goal of a dental implant is to maintain the aesthetic and functional properties of the missing tooth. Above all, the dental implant will reduce the consequences of missing teeth.

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At West Grande Prairie Dental, we strive to restore your smile and improve the functionality of your teeth. We work with certified and experienced dental implant specialists to give you your money’s worth by providing a long-lasting solution.

How do Dental Implants Work?

As the leading dental implant specialists in Grande Prairie, we work with passionate and dedicated dentists to give you the best experience during your implant surgery. Our dentists have handled several dental implant surgeries in the past, giving them an edge over other dentists.

Dr. Greg Broyde will prepare you for the implant surgery before getting started to make you comfortable. He will then place thin titanium posts into the jaw to replicate the roots of your missing teeth. The titanium posts will bond to the bone and become a permanent part of your mouth. This will provide strong support for dentures and other dental appliances.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Dr. Greg Broyde attended the University of Alberta. He completed his undergraduate degree in Pharmacology before starting his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. After finishing his degree, Dr. Greg Broyde moved to Calgary to practice as an associate for four years. He has always had a passion for ensuring that his patients get the best treatment possible. Dr. Broyde was motivated to start his clinic in Grande Prairie by his core belief that patients deserve to be informed about their dental treatment while getting access to a comfortable environment.

Never one to stop learning, Dr. Broyde has continued to refine his skills in implants, complicated root canal procedures, and wisdom tooth extractions by enrolling for continued education. The following are some of the continuing education courses he has taken and institutions attended:

  • Guam Oral Surgery – Toronto, Ontario
  • North Shore Endodontics – Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Kois Center Adjunct Implant Course – Seattle, Washington
  • Engel Institute Implant Course M3 – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • California Implant Institute – San Diego, California
  • Digital Smile Design Residency – Miami, Florida

Reasons to Get a Dental Implant

Getting dental implants for a broken or missing tooth is the best thing to do for various reasons. Discover why you should get a dental implant below:

Improved Oral Health: Dental implants do not cause any altering of the other teeth. They will also support your dentures to make them comfortable.

They are Permanent:The only thing you need to do is to take proper care of your dental implants to enjoy lifetime services and save money.

They are Convenient:Unlike dentures and dental bridges, dental implants are convenient since you will not need to remove them while brushing or flossing. Moreover, you will not need any treatment since they do not decay.

Require Minimal Maintenance:Strong and durable materials are used to make dental implants. This means that dental implants require minimal maintenance. The good news is that you can eat almost anything when you have dental implants.

Improves Appearance:With dental implants, you will not need to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Dental implants feel like they are your original teeth. You can also speak well since you will not need to worry about broken teeth. You will also have great peace of mind knowing your implants provide a strong foundation for artificial teeth.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime with Proper Care

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care. Dental bridges, on the other hand, lasted 10-15 years. Getting dental implants will give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite food and smile confidently.

Before placing the dental implant, Dr. Broyde will take intra-oral photos using a TRIOS scanner to create a comprehensive plan for you.

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