Dental Sedation

Sedation nitrous oxide

Dental Sedation

Can you imagine dentistry without local anesthetic? Our grandchildren may laugh at us when we tell them that we chose dentistry without sedation. If your nervous about dentistry, then do we have good news for you…

Sedation Options

Don't let anxiety cause you to neglect your dental health

Don't fear the dentist

If your anxiety is causing you to neglect your dental health, pick up the phone and call us to find out how we can help you overcome these fears. It may be a simple no-charge visit to familiarize you with the office or, it may involve something more extensive. Let us help you pick the treatment that’s right for you.

Nitrous Sedation:

We recommend using nitrous oxide most young or nervous patients. It is a safe, effective form of sedation that calms patients down and by doing so, allows us to work faster and for longer periods of time. Nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled through a nosepiece. It gives a feeling of euphoria and weightlessness that lasts for only as long as the nitrous is being inhaled. If the nitrous is too high, it leads to a giggly and silly feeling (that’s why it’s called laughing gas), but within standard doses, it is extremely effective and safe. We recommend using nitrous oxide for a child’s first 2 – 3 treatment appointments as these are fundamental appointments for them becoming comfortable being at the dental office and getting treatment. For adult patients, nitrous is a simple and effective sedation technique for calming nerves and getting the work done.

Oral Sedation:

Oral sedation involves the use or sedative drugs, taken in pill or liquid form that relieve anxiety and fear by calming the patient. Proper use of oral sedation is safe and straightforward – you just take one or two pills as instructed before your dental appointment.

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