How can a Frenectomy help my child?

Tongue and lip ties predominately affect infants and left untreated can cause issues in your children, such as airway obstruction, speech impediments, acid reflux, and muscular tension. Tie revisions or frenectomies remove the tissue quickly and safely with minimal discomfort for your baby.

Signs and symptoms that your child may require a frenectomy:

  • Cracked, bruised, bleeding or flattened nipples after breastfeeding
  • Extreme nipple pain and damage
  • Prolonged feedings
  • Decreased milk production
  • Using a nipple shield to nurse your baby

Infants may exhibit:

  • Gassy baby / taking in a lot of air while nursing (gulping)
  • Clicking sounds during nursing, indicating that your baby is breaking the seal
  • Baby has poor movement of the tongue
  • Overall poor nipple latch and babies lip curling under nipple during latch
  • Milk leaking on the sides of the mouth
  • Poor weight gain
  • Chocking, gagging or vomiting
  • Reflux or colic symptoms
  • Baby is working too hard to nurse, always falls asleep on the breast
It is important to note that not all ties cause issues and require correction, our dentists evaluate each case individually.

We completely understand that this can be a difficult time for families to have a procedure done with your child at such an early age – at West Grande Prairie Dental our priority will always be you entrusting us with your child’s health and well-being; our goal to always educate and make sure that parents understand their child’s complete treatment plan.

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What is a Frenectomy?

A Frenectomy is an oral surgical procedure that is used to remove what is called the “frenum” inside the mouth. Frenums are an attachment between two points inside the mouth, commonly found under the tongue and between the gums and lips known as the lingual frenum and the labial frenum.

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