Mouth Guards

Mouthgaurd teeth protection

Mouth Guards / Night Guards

Protect your teeth. From the puck to the stresses of life, don’t let your teeth suffer from trauma.

Benefits of Mouth Guards

Protect your teeth


If you are an athlete, in some sports head collisions are likely (hockey, football, soccer) you should wear an athletic mouthguard. We can help make recommendations for this.

Diagnosed with tooth grinding or TMJ disorder? We’ll help you by fabricating the right night-time guard to reduce the problem.

  • Prevent grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw while you sleep which causes tooth wear, chipping and a reduced bite.
  • By protecting your teeth with a splint (a night guard) you can protect your teeth from that unconcious grinding.
  • Using a custom sports guard will help prevent trauma and aid in concussion prevention.
athlete mouth guard

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