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Who is a Periodontist in Grande Prairie?

All matters pertaining to periodontics are handled by dentists known as periodontists. This type of dentist completes several years of additional dental training to qualify as periodontists. A periodontist specializes in maintaining the health, function, and aesthetics of a patient’s jawbone and surrounding tissues.

When Should You Seek Periodontal Treatment?

1. Discomfort

The onset of periodontal problems is usually marked by discomfort. Periodontal disease starts with gingivitis – a mild gum inflammation that progresses to cause other serious dental health problems. Periodontal disease (also gum disease) is characterized by painful, swollen, red or bleeding gums. Other common symptoms include a receding jawbone. Periodontal disease can also be present with no noticeable symptoms.

The disease is triggered by bacteria in plaque. The bacteria causes an infection in surrounding tooth tissues resulting in discomfort and pain (in some cases). If the infection stays untreated, it can cause tooth loss. Periodontal discomfort isn’t easy to ignore, given symptoms like bleeding, swelling, tenderness, and sensitivity, common when you eat, floss, or brush your teeth.

Call us immediately if you experience any of the above. Periodontal problems worsen. Ignoring discomfort around your gums will not make the problem disappear.

2. Tooth Loss

As mentioned above, some periodontal problems don’t have noticeable symptoms. If that’s the case, you may be alerted of an existing problem through tooth loss. Periodontal disease that progresses without treatment usually makes teeth loose and shift. Eventually, such teeth fall out.

Missing teeth are both a health and aesthetic issue. Besides compromising your appearance, a missing tooth also makes you more susceptible to other problems as your gums remain unprotected. Luckily, a periodontist can fix such problems.

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics or periodontology are terms used to refer to dental specialty pertaining diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal disease. Periodontics is concerned with the structure of teeth and diseases affecting the jawbone, gums, and other supporting tissues (periodontium), which include the alveolar bone, gingiva, cementum, and periodontal ligament.

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3. Localized gum recession

The infection that causes gum disease begins in a single area. Gum recession may be caused by other factors such as over-brushing using a hard bristle toothbrush or poor tooth positioning. However, the problem requires immediate treatment just in case it is linked to periodontal problems that can spread and lead to more severe effects.

4. Bad Breath

You should see a periodontist immediately if you suffer from bad breath. Chronic halitosis is a common sign of periodontal problems. While other factors like smoking can cause bad breath, underlying medical conditions like gum disease are the most common culprit. If you brush regularly but still suffer from bad breath, or other people have pointed out your breath problem, visit a periodontist immediately.

5. Prior to crown lengthening and ridge augmentation procedures

Periodontists can lengthen your tooth by removing surrounding tissue to make the tooth more exposed. You need periodontal treatment before a crown lengthening procedure. Treatment is also necessary before ridge augmentation. Uneven gum lines should be corrected before recreating natural gum and jaw contours that may be lost because of bone loss, among other factors.

Talk to a periodontist before undergoing crown lengthening or ridge augmentation procedures. A periodontist will also come in handy in treating any bacterial infections and related problems before undergoing dental procedures.

WestGPDental can deal with all kinds of periodontal problems.

We will treat the underlying infection and offer advice on the best home dental care methods.

Some periodontal problems may require deep scaling to remove tartar (calculus) and bacterial plaque from teeth and surrounding tissue. In advanced periodontal disease cases characterized by a significantly regressed jawbone, intensive cleaning may be required. Loose teeth that can’t be saved will also be removed.

We have the experts to handle every aspect of advanced dental care and treatment. We can handle every dental implant procedures restoring full functionality in cases where teeth are affected by periodontitis. We have a periodontist ready to advise you on cleaning methods as well as treatment options.

Why should you seek periodontal treatment?

Besides avoiding dental health problems like bad breath, tooth loss, discomfort, pain, and other consequences discussed above, you stand to protect your wider health by being proactive about periodontal treatment.

Even if you don’t exhibit any worrying dental health symptoms, you should still visit a periodontist occasionally to protect your health. The bacteria responsible for causing periodontal problems can spread to the rest of the body through the bloodstream, causing other health problems. Studies have linked systemic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure, to periodontal disease.

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