Root Canals

Root Canals

Root Canals

An infected or inflamed nerve can cause a lot of pain. You may find your tooth is very hot or cold-sensitive and it hurts when chewing. We can perform a root canal – or endodontic treatment — to allow you to keep your tooth.

The root canal procedure

Don’t be worried, there's nothing to fear

What is a root canal?

The root canal system is the space inside the hard layers of your teeth. It consists of soft pulp with nerves and blood vessels. We give you a local anesthetic at the beginning of the procedure. Then, with fine dental equipment, we remove the infected, injured, or dead pulp from your tooth. We seal it, and sometimes top it up with a filling.

Root canals are the best way to rid a tooth of infection and keep its basic structure. Techniques have advanced and root canals are not the scary procedure they once were.

If your tooth is in pain, it may need a root canal. Don’t be worried though, having a root canal done is nothing to fear. Advances in anesthetics and sedation have made it so the root canals are much more comfortable. In fact, getting a root canal generally provides tremendous relief, since patients needing root canals are generally in pain from inflamed pulp in the tooth and the resulting infection.

The root canal procedure involves removing the infected pulp from your tooth with a series of fine instruments. Once the canals of the tooth are cleaned, a filling material is put in the roots called Gutta Percha, which seals the root canal. After the gutta percha is placed, the tooth is filled with filling material. Since the root canal procedure leaves the tooth with less tooth structure, it is very common that a crown (cap) be recommended to cover the tooth so that the tooth does not break in the future.

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